ARS Carbondale Fund of Funds Investment Opportunity

ARS Carbondale Investment Opportunity

This page is specifically for investors who raise capital from their investors, desire to participate as a Fund of Funds investor, or someone who desires to invest a larger amount who desires to receive enhanced economics on the investment. 

October 19, 2023 Project Update

I hope you are starting to enjoy a little fall weather wherever you are. I love fall, mostly because of football season, but I’m also enjoy the cooler weather 😉.

September and October have been anything but “cool” for James and myself, however. We have been putting in some substantial time on our project in Southern Illinois. We are sending out our responses to the second round of Discussion Notices on Friday, October 20, 2023, 11 days early! The Discussion Notices are essentially a Q&A period where the BOP asks us questions and we need to respond or clarify to improve our original RFP response.

In the video immediately below we cover:

  • Lender Updates
  • Proforma Updates, &
  • Timeline Updates
Lastly, if you are interested in investing in this opportunity, please complete the form by clicking this button below. We are looking to firm up our group of investors as we prepare legal documents. 

Thank you participating in this project thus far. As we near the end of the calendar year we expect a lot more activity to occur, and I’m not just talking about the upcoming holiday season. So, if you are at all somewhat interested in participating please complete the form at the button below. 

Project Highlights

  • > 20% Cash on Cash Returns starting in Year 1

  • Growing to 40%+ CoC Returns by Year 3

  • Continuing returns FOR LIFE of the contract(s) we hold at this location

  • Solid Investments have a natural social/community benefit

  • Lower Risk | Higher Reward ratios come from investing in trends

  • DSCR starting at 2.8 in month 2, growing to 4.0+ by month 6 [updated]

  • Large barriers to entry and tremendous staying power, potentially for decades

  • Path of progress is so large that you’ll have to (re)watch my original presentation ==>

Original Presentation


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