Eliminating the Unnecessary: A Guide to Progress and Success in 2024

Eliminating the Unnecessary: A Guide to Progress and Success in 2024

🧂 “We were LITERALLY rubbing salt in her wounds when we went to the ocean every Sunday,” I said as I was telling friends the story of how we discovered gluten and our kids’ intolerance to it. 

And we felt HORRIBLE. 

Our oldest daughter used to have eczema between ages 4-6 roughly. We did not know what caused it. The doctor said to put a cream on it, which did not sit right with my wife. 

❌ Then my sister-in-law suggested a food elimination diet to see if there was an allergen or something that our oldest just could not process. 

WOW.  How has that piece of information changed our life. Beyond that we, including me because my kids are adept at turning the mirror on me, are gluten free, avoid food coloring, and eat a lot of amino acids (which is what actually makes the cells in the body which is from science), ELIMINATING things is a core passion of mine.

I wrote yesterday asking if you were satisfied with your progress so far this 2024 calendar year. 

❌ One way to track progress is by ELIMINATING things from your life. Eliminating is one of the 3 decision options. Eliminate, Elevate (Delegate), Automate. 

❌ Actually, eliminating is the first option. 

Remember the water glass being too full? 

❌ Maybe you need to eliminate a food that is causing you to “overflow”. Maybe you need to eliminate a person in your life, or maybe an entire environment. 

❓ What have you eliminated so far this year? 

❓ Are you eating healthier so you are giving up your sugary donut? 

Did you make a decision about that property you’ve been analyzing for 5️⃣ months? Really? It does not take that long. Make a decision. 

With traveling monthly, peanut butter is an easy pickup at the grocery store. But I’ve learned that peanuts really do not put me in my best element to do what I need to do. So I avoid them. 

Actually, I got this from Stolen Focus which I listened to recently: We should primarily just walk around the outside aisle of the grocery store. Think about that. 

Get some decent fruits and veggies. Grab some protein with eggs, meat, poultry, and fish. Supplement with some non-sugar probiotics (yoghurts). Then LEAVE THE STORE. 

You would ELIMINATE so much in your life. Decision fatigue. Crying children throwing a tantrum on the floor of the frozen desert aisle – your children or somebody else’s. You would eliminate a lot of highly processed unnatural and unhealthy foods from entering your blood stream. 

Now, I’m not really here to tell you what to eat and I’m not here to judge. I have three daughters at home and one of our main objectives is to not give them a food complex. 

However, I DO want you to seriously consider where you are rubbing salt in your own wounds.

❓ Where are you doubting yourself, your capability? Where could you get more energy from to perform better as a spouse, as a parent, as a coworker? 

❓ What if you just did a few things each day that really “moved the needle”? What if you just walked around the outside aisle of the grocery store and put the big things in your grocery cart first? 

❌ We can’t make progress until we eliminate. Seriously. Look at anybody out there.  

If you are having problems eliminating then talk with someone. I have a rule of 3️⃣ I’ll share in the future – if I’m told by 3 disparate people something then the problem is me (and I knew that before Taylor Swift sang it!). 

❓ Can I help you see the forest for the trees? Absolutely. It is what I do. 

But from my experiences, it isn’t the forest you want to actually see. 

You actually want to see the reflection of the person who sees the forest for the trees. 

❌ So eliminate rubbing salt in your own wounds. You know what to do. If you want help drop a comment here and I’ll do my best to provide wisdom. 


I’m going to do something incredible in 2024 so stay tuned…

I help people experience predictable results. I’ve shed two identities since 2022 and believe you can do the same. The beauty is that YOU get to decide your future. If you want help, from finding investments with outsized returns to overcoming limiting beliefs from your past, DM me to start a conversation. 









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Greg W. Huebner

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