Navigating Life’s Obstacles: Overcoming Distractions, Embracing Challenges, and Finding Excitement

Navigating Life’s Obstacles: Overcoming Distractions, Embracing Challenges, and Finding Excitement

Distraction. Excitement. Hard. Easy. 

How do you overcome these? How do you continue to move forward? 

And yes you MUST overcome Easy. If it is easy to do it is easy not to do. 

How To Take Action

The Easy comes from having a plan put together from the night before. Write it out. 1-3 items – no more. 

The Hard is the critical thinking of going down a PATH nobody has gone down before. This is also called Your Life. Nobody else can take this life from you and nobody else can walk this life for you. 

But there are ALWAYS Distractions along the PATH. Woman in the red dress simulation. Finding Waldo even! 

The Excitement actually comes from Focusing on the Hard. Focusing on the objective. Focus your attention even more to find Waldo. 

You know what Waldo looks like and then you narrow in on those color patterns and shapes. You are excited when you find him AND you want to challenge yourself again. 

Simple Approach

I’ve talked about Going On A Bear hunt. Yes, the children’s book. You remember – we’ve got to go THROUGH whatever obstacle they came across. 

From my perspective, it is the prerequisite for Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the Way. It is just that nobody SAW that because the bear hunt book was TOO EASY. 

You’ve got a vision. Write it down. Draw it out. GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD!!!

By doing ^^^this^^^ activity it brings it to life. It simplifies the plan. The action (from yesterday) will help you overcome the inaction, indecision, paralysis by analysis, & anxiety you feel now. 

NOW, you know what you are looking for. Start to hunt that down. 

But don’t stop there. Refine, dig deeper, get super concretely clear on every aspect. 

This is what I do. I get down to First Principles. I remove opposition and competition. I put together an argument so compelling there is no alternative PATH. I can extract that from you as well.

Greg W. Huebner
Greg W. Huebner

I help business owners achieve predictable results by showing them the PATH from Bedrock to Boardroom and unlock outsized returns from Cash Flow businesses that hold real estate as a core asset.

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