Mastering Freedom: Crafting Your Own Rules for Life and Success

❓ Do you make the rules? Learn how to Master Freedom and Craft your own rules for life and success

I make the rules for me. I made that decision a long time ago, even when working a W2 job.

And that is ultimately what Freedom is. You looking after You.

What else is Freedom?

Well, I mentioned the 4 Freedoms – Money, Time, Relationships, & Purpose – awhile ago. These are from Dan Sullivan at Strategic Coach.

I leave tonight to head to Orlando for an extended weekend trip with my wife. I travel monthly with my family. Once per quarter it is just my wife and I. The other two months it is with our entire family.

^^^ THAT is Freedom of Time ^^^

And this was planned several months ago.

Freedom is planning ahead. Freedom of Time is planning ahead.

I’ll work during this trip some.
✅ We just started a capital raise for a new project in Southern Illinois. It is going to be an amazing story in terms of the lives that will be forever changed, and I’m NOT talking about our investors, who will do very well. DM me if you want more details on this investment opportunity.

✅ And I’ve got an opportunity with a self storage property in Texas that is coming to fruition as well.

✅ And I have several other investment opportunities in the works that will be coming out in the near future.

✅ And these are ALL priorities that I WANT to work on. These are all priorities that I ENJOY. These are all priorities that I CHOSE.

✅ I was in control. That is Freedom of Time.

✅ And I don’t have an administrative assistant. I don’t have somebody managing my inbox. I don’t run inbox zero.

✅ I DO have an amazing team I’ve hired to support a lot of my businesses. THIS is also another Freedom of Time example. I do not think of my personnel as a cost but as an investment.

✅ But what I do is PRIORITIZE. I focus on the ONE THING that will move the needle. I put THE ROCKS in first.

✅ That is how I’m able to take my daughter to her orthodontist appointment mid morning on a Thursday. Without regrets and WITH gratitude.

✅ And to BE PRESENT at every one of my daughter’s events. Even if I’m not physically present, I’ll have my wife FaceTime the basketball or soccer game.

I make the rules.

❓ Do you?

All progress starts by telling the truth. And you need to speak the truth to yourself just as much as to others.


I’m going to do something incredible in 2024 so stay tuned…
I help people experience predictable results.
I’ve shed two identities since 2022 and believe you can do the same. The beauty is that YOU get to decide your future. If you want help, from finding investments with outsized returns to overcoming limiting beliefs from your past, DM me to start a conversation.

Greg W. Huebner
Greg W. Huebner

I help business owners achieve predictable results by showing them the PATH from Bedrock to Boardroom and unlock outsized returns from Cash Flow businesses that hold real estate as a core asset.

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