Do the work; Get the reward ~Greg Huebner

“Do the work; Get the reward” ~ Greg Huebner

❓ What would your life be like if you gave yourself permission?

I like the core value of Suprahuman – Give yourself permission to win. 

It is YOU GIVING YOU permission to do the thing that you know will make a difference. 

✅ Permission is actually what is holding you back.

How do I know this? Because it is the truth. Seriously think about it. 

You actually do KNOW what to do.

You just for whatever reason will not give yourself permission to succeed. 

❌ Because somebody told you that is not the path to proceed. Malarky.

❌ Because somebody told you that is not correct. Hogwash.

❌ Because somebody told you… Peanut Butter. 

There are a LOT of excuses in the world. I chose Peanut Butter as my excuse. 

✅ So, give yourself permission to succeed. 

Do not get caught in your own brain to stop doing the very thing that you believe will help change your life. 

You want to succeed in investing then be a success in investing. 

You want to be healthier then be healthier. 

I REALLY enjoy the quote from Alcoholics Anonymous – “All progress starts by telling the truth.”  That is why in AA you actually lean into your addiction instead of trying to fight it. 

We have to change our thinking to get different results. 

Now, you might need assistance to help with the finer details. That is when you hire a WHO or engage with a mentor, coach, advisor to help you through a specific situation. 

So, here are my truths. 

First, quit fighting yourself. You are creating unnecessary anxiety. 

Second, quit debating with yourself. “Do the work; Get the reward” ~ Greg Huebner

Third, start to create space FOR yourself.

Fourth, start taking action on what moves the needle in your favor. 

Fifth, reflect daily on your progress.

Sixth, make a 1% improvement plan for tomorrow.

Seventh, repeat. 

You can’t lie to yourself so stop lying to the outside world. 

Take action. Give yourself permission to be a success however you define it. 

What permission did you give yourself today and what are you going to do to improve your chance of success tomorrow? 


I’m going to do something incredible in 2024 so stay tuned…

I help people experience predictable results. I’ve shed two identities since 2022 and believe you can do the same. The beauty is that YOU get to decide your future. If you want help, from finding investments with outsized returns to overcoming limiting beliefs from your past, DM me to start a conversation. 









Greg W. Huebner
Greg W. Huebner

I help business owners achieve predictable results by showing them the PATH from Bedrock to Boardroom and unlock outsized returns from Cash Flow businesses that hold real estate as a core asset.

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