Sunday is to Reset not to Rest.

❌ Sunday is NOT a rest day. 

🟢 Sunday is my reset. 

Every day has a meaning. Has a purpose. 

It is the end that sets up the beginning. Just like your evening routine sets up your next day’s success. 

Sunday is NOT the start of the week. 

✅ But this does NOT mean you work. 

✅You need to work on the right activities. 

✅So that is why I focus on my health on Sundays. 

✅I track my health. 

I learned several years ago from losing someone in my life that I can’t help anyone if I’m not around. 

That lesson was repeated when I lost another person due to their health. 

Both lost before their prime. They were giving souls. Always helping others before themselves. 

I learn daily as I’ve previously mentioned. Sunday Funday is about my health. 

Funday to me means I’m here for the next day. The next week. The next month, year, decade, and even century. 

Yes I’ve got another 100+ years to live. 

But I won’t get there unless I focus on my health now. 

I fast on Sundays in 2024. I need to clear myself out to get prepped for the next week. 

I’m not saying you have to get ripped and a 6 pack. You can if that is your desire. Again, the beauty is that you can want what you want, unapologetically. 

🍗 But you need to feed your body the right foods that will help propel you forward instead of holding you back. 

🧠 Just like you need to feed your mind. 

Peter Attia, Alex Huberman, and John Madsen are my core three for health. The first two are scientists and/or doctors. The third is because health is a mental game just as much as a physical game. 

So regardless of what you do, I guarantee that you could do it BETTER if you were better. Feed your body and your brain the RIGHT food.

How do your Sundays help prepare you for the week?

What activities do you have planned to continue your investing journey? 

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Let me know if I can help you in any way. 


I’m going to do something incredible in 2024 so stay tuned…

I help people experience predictable results. I’ve shed two identities since 2022 and believe you can do the same. The beauty is that YOU get to decide your future. If you want help, from finding investments with outsized returns to overcoming limiting beliefs from your past, DM me to start a conversation. 











Greg W. Huebner
Greg W. Huebner

I help business owners achieve predictable results by showing them the PATH from Bedrock to Boardroom and unlock outsized returns from Cash Flow businesses that hold real estate as a core asset.

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